Available late April



Great plants for hedges, the Cotoneaster has glossy green leaves that transition to purple shades in the fall. 

Size: 12-18" 1 gal

Price: $7

Size: 12-18" 2 gal
Price: $10 

Dogwood - Red Osier
A hardy shrub with red stems, the Red Osier grows white flowers among the foliage in the spring, followed by berries of the same color in the summer.

Mature height 9ft.

Size: 18-24"  2 gal
Price: $15

Lilac - Common Purple
The Common Purple Lilac come as three year old plants with dark green leaves with fragrant light purple flowers.

Mature height 12ft.

Size: 12-18" 1 gal

Price: $8 SOLD OUT

Size: 12-18"  2 gal
Price: $10 SOLD OUT

Lilac - Villosa (Late Lilac)
The Villosa Lilac has smooth dark green leaves with light purple flowers that bloom later than other lilacs.  No suckering.

Mature height 8ft.

Size: 12-18''  2 gal
Price: $10  SOLD OUT

Size: 24-36" 5-7 gal
Price: $20  SOLD OUT

Mockorange Blizzard
The Mockorange is an upright shrub that produces masses of white blossoms in summer, as well as a nice fragrance. 

Mature height 5'.

Size: 18-24" 2 gal
Price: $15

Mugo Pine - Dwarf
Being a coniferous shrub with dark green needles, the Mugo Pine is slow growing yet that has the potential to get quite large. 

 Mature height 8ft.

Size: 12"  2 gal
Price: $15  

Ninebark - Diablo
The Diablo Ninebark is a medium sized shrub with bright purple leaves and small white flowers.

Mature height 6ft.

Size: 12-18"  1 gal
Price: $15  

Potentilla - Goldfinger

The Goldfinger grows golden-yellow flowers all summer, contrasting well with the green foliage in a  compact and rounded structure.

Mature height 3ft.

Size: 12-18" 2 gal
Price: $15

Potentilla - Mango Tango

A densely packed shrub, the Mango Tango has fine green leaves back-dropping the yellowish-orange flowers.

Mature height 2 ft.

Size: 12"-18" 2 gal
Price: $15  

Potentilla - Pink Beauty
This Potentilla blooms light pink flowers with a green foliage. 

Mature height 3ft.  

Size: 12"-18" 2 gal
Price: $15  

Spiraea - Gold Flame

The very colourful Gold Flame has yellow-green, long-bulbed leaves with reddish-pink flowers. Fills into a nice round shape

Mature height 2'.

Size: 12-18"  2 gal
Price: $10

Spiraea - Snowmound
​The Snowmound Spirea has blue-green leaves with lots of small white flowers all summer. 

Mature height 2'.

Size: 12"-18" 2 gal
Price: $15  SOLD OUT